Who We Are

Founded in April 2016 by Hailey Magee, Talisman Music Group is the first and only career coaching group explicitly for emerging musicians. We elevate musicians to their maximum potential by working with them to build a powerful foundation of support.

What We Do

With the experience and connections necessary to take artists' careers to the next level, we work closely with musicians to help them define and achieve their vision and goals. 

We offer a selection of services including our Career Coaching Program for select artists who want to work one-on-one with an experienced professional committed to their growth and success; Topical Consultations for artists seeking short-term guidance on particular projects; and Workshops for artists who want to learn music industry strategies in an interactive setting.

How We Do It

We understand that community integration is critical to every artist's success.  We present artists with opportunities to develop a web of relationships with local gatekeepers and industry professionals, and help them develop a strong core audience in their communities.

Our Values

Homegrown Talent
An investment in an outstanding local musician is an investment in our community and our quality of life.
We celebrate local artists for the beauty and passion they bring to our city.

Every dream needs a blueprint. We demystify the path to success by helping artists actualize
their dreams and bring long-term strategy to their careers.

In the music industry, connection is an artist's most valuable asset. We help artists connect
with industry gatekeepers that hold the keys to exclusive, career-elevating opportunities.

We do more than guide and advise artists: we advocate for them. By bringing compassion and support to
a traditionally competitive music industry, we build strong, healthy, inspired relationships with artists.

Passion doesn’t cut it. We are deeply, viscerally invested in helping artists succeed
because.we believe in the power of music to transform lives.