As a musician, you know that the most valuable way to spend your time is creating and performing music. But as an emerging artist juggling other jobs and responsibilities, you know that it's difficult to do all it takes to prime your music career for success.

Let us handle the behind-the-scenes work so that you can focus on the spotlight.

Show and Release Promotion: Timeline Development and Implementation

Maximize the impact of your upcoming show by ensuring that it is promoted properly on the web, through social media, and in­-person. We create and implement customized promotional timelines to ensure that the spotlight stays on you before, during, and after your big day.

Bio Development

Ensure that your story, performances, and achievements are effectively captured in a long- and short-form bio. We help you craft biographies that industry gatekeepers can't ignore.

Festival Applications

Local and regional festivals are the perfect opportunity for emerging artists to share their music with new audiences. We ensure that you never miss festival season by strategically targeting the festivals that suit your music and customizing your application to prime it for success.

Radio Campaigns

Build momentum towards your new album release. Prolong the buzz of a recently debuted single. We strategize radio campaigns for your music, ensuring that your music reaches its target markets at college, local, and regional stations.

Press Releases & Press Campaigns

Spread the word about your upcoming show, release, or project to music journalists locally and regionally. We will draft your press release and create the framework for a comprehensive press campaign, targeting the right outlets for your music in the Boston and New England region.


Want a list of the top 10 blogs for hip­-hop jazz fusion ensembles? Want a list of the top 10 graphic designers in the Boston area? Whatever the topic, we handle the research so you don’t have to.