Talisman Music Group is the first and only career coaching group explicitly for emerging musicians. We've helped over 100 homegrown artists achieve their maximum potential by helping them build a powerful foundation of connection and support.

In Their Own Words

Hailey has the perfect mix of enthusiasm and practical knowledge. I’ve been a full time musician for a long time and my biggest setback has always been my lack of organizational skills. My meetings with Hailey give me a clear look at what needs to get done and reenergize me every time. Not to mention, she’s just an all around awesome person.
— Danielle Miraglia
I have been an original artist for many years. I’ve released several records, worked with promotional agencies, and performed all over the place. Talisman has been the single most helpful entity that has ever touched my music career. Hailey has helped me focus my message and brand, develop effective strategies, and more; she’s an awesome person to work with.
— George Woods
Hailey has a depth of insight, intuition and coaching skill for the performing artist that is rare and ever so valuable. She understands the musical scene, the communication tools needed to be seen and heard, and can help you nail down your action steps to actualize your vision as a performing artist.
— Linda Marks
I’ve made more progress in my career in the last two months of working with Hailey than I had in a year prior. Working with someone who has so much knowledge of the industry has allowed me to advance my career and begin launching my own business. I can’t wait to see where 2017 takes us.
— Hana Kahn
We are unbelievably grateful to be working with Hailey Magee and Talisman Music Group. The amount of time, energy, and care that Hailey devotes to each and every one of her clients continues to amaze us. She genuinely understands her artists and their music and tailors her support to their individual needs, consistently finding innovative ways to further them in their musical pursuits. She has helped us in so many more ways than we could have ever imagined — guiding us in understanding and working towards our musical vision, providing us with infinite support, and acting not only as a manager but as a musical guru.
— Jakals
My consultation with Hailey was the best thing I could have done for my music career...I came out of the meeting with several resources to use in the future, a clear idea of my goals, and an action plan to accomplish them. Hailey not only has a keen and thorough understanding of the music business and how to succeed as a local artist, but also clearly loves what she does. Her enthusiasm for empowering artists through a collaborative process is palpable, and exponentially increases the value of what she does.
— Jocelyn Limmer
Great talent looks effortless, but strong management isn’t. Talisman has delivered both and was a pleasure to work with.
— Damon Liebert, Director: The Rockwell Theatre
The artist consultation I had with Hailey was immensely helpful. I started the meeting with no clue where to go and feel like I really have a more solid direction to head in now. Hailey helped me to identify my brand and audience and provided helpful tips along the way for building both; she guided me toward setting smaller goals in my larger goal of recording an EP. Any artist looking for thoughtful and enthusiastic help in finding more focus with their music career should look no further than Talisman.
— Angele Hema
I have nothing but great things to say about Hailey’s work. I believe she has significantly helped changed the direction of my career and set me on a path towards my dreams.
— Alex Navarro
Hailey has impeccably organized her music business ideas into specific strategies that have helped me define my artistic voice, understand who my audience is and how to reach them, and elevate and polish my stage presence. Hailey is an amazing resource for Boston area musicians.
— Andrew Martin
I have had two consults with Hailey. Her own innate wisdom as an artist and her desire to help artists move forward is genuine. I am so much closer to getting things off the ground. I came to her completely overwhelmed, and am now much less overwhelmed and more focused.
— Rachel Raven